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The new collection

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natural dyeing - indigo blue

Handwoven fabrics – dyed with natural tinctures

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“Traditional Ikat form Sikka is a part of life and why so? Because Ikat is used for traditional birth, funerals, matrimony and ceremonies. Within everything of Ikat, there is history, cultural values and traditional customs, expressed in every different motif woven. Every motif on a fabric has mystical powers. So it’s used in certain ceremonies or worn by certain people.”
(Daniel David, president of MPIG)

Inspired by nature

Spreading good vibes

We are deeply connected to our surroundings. Hence, the motifs on the fabrics reflect the flora, fauna and environment of the island.

The cotton is harvested, spun into yarn, dyed, tied, and then woven. The weavers work with the patterns in mind, and the complete design is only visible after the weaving is complete. The dyeing techniques are traditionally preserved by applying natural tinctures. Black is, for example, obtained from Indigo leaves, while red is from noni fruits. 


Our Weaver Association

The Geographical Indication Protection Society (MPIG) of Sikka Ikat Weaving is the organization for weavers of this traditional technique, established in November 2014. As such, they offer fabrics and final products. 


Why Ikat Sikka?

As the fashion and textile business is moving towards sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly practices, there are many opportunities in choosing Tenun Ikat Sikka. Each piece is traceable and of high quality.

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