Women in Ikat Sikka Weaving process

Our Weaver Asociation (MPIG) of Ikat from Sikka is the organization for weavers of this traditional technique, established in November 2014. As such, we aim to offer fabrics and final products to interested buyers or designers, as well a to the end-customer.

We are committed to: 

  • preserving their cultural heritage
  • Providing social engagement
  • Boosting the creative economy
  • Enhancing resource stewardship

Why Ikat Sikka?

As fashion and textile business is moving towards sustainable, ethically and environmentally friendly practices, there are many opportunities in choosing Tenun Ikat Sikka. Each piece is traceable and of high quality.

Our fabrics have captured the attention of the media. We Kindly invite you to have a look at our presence in the media.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.