“Sikka Ikat Weaving” is the name of the Geographical Indication – GI of Ikat Weaving which is produced by weaving centres incorporated in the Association for Geographical Indication Protection Society (MPIG) of Sikka Ikat Weaving in Sikka, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia.

Legally protected in the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia under the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights with the Geographical Indication Certificate – GI ID Number G 000 000 056, hereinafter in the Articles of Association and bylaws called “GI SIKKA IKAT WEAVING”. It means that in order to guarantee the quality of production, the community, the producers, the designers and the buyers―should they intend to use the name “Sikka Ikat Weaving” on their labels, must first become members of MPIG of Sikka Ikat Weaving.

What does Geographic Indication mean?

Geographic Indication is a sign that shows the area of origin of an item and/or product which, due to geographical environment factors including natural factors, human factors or a combination of these two factors, they give reputation, quality and certain characteristics to the goods and/or products produced.

The sign has been unwittingly existed for a long time and indirectly shows the existence of specificity on an item produced, managed and maintained in a long time frame so that it can be famous and has high economic value.

These products can be agricultural products, food ingredients, handicrafts, textiles, mining products or other goods. In Indonesia, there are around 63 products registered with Geographical Indications, one of which is Sikka Ikat Weaving.

The benefit of GIs as a proof that goods and/or products originating from certain geographical regions fulfil special qualities and characteristics and exclusively obtain legal protection from counterfeiting that is done outside the GI area or produced within the GI area but with lower quality and marketed using the same name.