Women in Ikat Sikka Weaving process

As the (Tenu Ikat Sikka) Weavers Association our aim is to keep our cultural heritage alive, therefore we offer our skills in fabrics and final products to interested buyers or designers as well as to the end customer.
With the support of the intellectual property rights project between Switzerland and Indonesia, we have obtained protection for our Geographical Indication textile fabrics.
Thanks to this project we can also put our practice on a sustainable path.
Each piece is unique and not only allows weavers an economic income but also contributes to sustaining and promoting culture and values into the future.

We are committed to: 

  • Preserving our cultural heritage
  • Providing social engagement
  • Boosting the creative economy
  • Enhancing resource stewardship

Transparency – traceable products

Thanks to the support of the geographical indication project, the Koltiva company is developing a solution for the traceability of our products from the point of sale to the first step of spinning. This is how data and details of the production and distribution chain are being collected from the participants in the process. Soon, we hope to be able to cover the origin of the yarn or cotton.

Each product has a unique QR code that allows the buyer to see the production and distribution chain, in addition to verifying data that confirms fair payment and conditions to the participants.

When you check out any of our items we tell you exactly which of these makers were engaged in bringing that specific product to life.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Why Ikat Sikka?

As fashion and textile business is moving towards sustainable, ethically and environmentally friendly practices, there are many opportunities in choosing Tenun Ikat Sikka. Each piece is traceable and of high quality.

Our fabrics have captured the attention of the media. We Kindly invite you to have a look at our presence in the media.