The people of Sikka, Flores-Indonesia

We are the organization for weavers and producers of “Ikat from Sikka”. It was established in November 2014 with the vision of a prosperous society resulted in the sustainable “Ikat from Sikka”.

Our mission is to make the weaving of Ikat from Sikka a source of sustainable livelihood by providing services for weavers and business actors. The weaver association was initiated by our own community. Especially the weaving groups/studios aimed to protect Sikka Ikat Weaving products from motifs and name plagiarism by factory-made products that are not Ikat Weaving.

With the support of the government and the Indonesian-Swiss Intellectual Property Project – ISIP and accompanied by the Sahabat Cipta FoundationMPIG was formed and the “Ikat from Sikka” was proposed to obtain legal protection.

* The Geographical Indication Protection Society (MPIG) of Sikka Ikat Weaving.

Women in Ikat Sikka Weaving process
Tenun Ikat Sikka Market Place, Feb. 2019

Our Purpose

Our association aims to conserve the GI Sikka Ikat Weaving, to develop and to provide joint learning and help with product promotion so that Sikka Ikat Weaving remains sustainable, to increase market access which will lead to the increase of the economic opportunities for weaver families in Sikka Regency.

Our Function

As the organization for the producers and the management of GI Sikka Ikat Weaving as well, it has various functions, namely:

Uniting the Business actors in the value chain
Quality assurance.

Managing the quality and specific characteristics of the Sikka Ikat Weaving goods and/or products, checking and providing GI Sikka Ikat Weaving label promotion in the media.

Promoting and maintaining the branding of Sikka Ikat Weaving products and developing markets at national and international levels.

The MPIG also indirectly promotes tourism in Sikka Regency.

Information centre and database.

Providing education to the general public regarding the philosophy, the process and history, the weaver data, the motifs, including the market data for Sikka Ikat Weaving.

Maintain sustainability. Undertaking weavers regeneration efforts.

Building and establishing partnerships with all relevant stakeholders, such as the governments (Regional, Provincial and National) and parties interested in developing GI Sikka Ikat Weaving.

Learning medium. Fostering members and sharing knowledge for all stakeholders.

Membership of the Weaver Association MPIG

There are three membership types at our association:

Ordinary Members

Ordinary Members are members of groups of craftsmen or producers consist of weavers, Ikat Weaving processors, weaving experts, and weaving business actors who meet the following requirements:

  • The groups must registered in the villages or districts of the Sikka Regency .
  • The groups must have at least 5 people with a Management structure.

Extraordinary Members

Extraordinary Members are non-weavers or non –GI producers but are involved in the value chain of Ikat from Sikka both as sellers, marketers, or weaving service providers domiciled in Sikka Regency.

Honorary Members

Honorary Members are members who are considered by the Association to have: a) shown brilliant works or a significant contribution in developing GI Sikka Ikat Weaving or b) helping the progress of the Association.